'One + One = Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking' by Dave Trott - Book Review [Video]


It's not often that you find a non-fiction book which tells great stories. But 'One + One = Three' by Dave Trott is one of the few I've read and really enjoyed. This is my review.

By Ahmed khalifa

It's not often that you find a non-fiction book which tells great stories. But 'One + One = Three' by Dave Trott is one of the few I've read and really enjoyed.

Dave Trott is an advertising copywriter who also runs his own award-winning advertising agency and has appeared on many stages talking about creative thinking.He has put together 'One + One = Three' in a Zen-like storytelling book, which is filled with real-life stories, case studies and told in humorous but also very practical way. It's an unfamiliar layout, but I have grown to appreciate it.

You'd think that it's for the professional business world, but it's actually also very relevant for every aspect of life.Because it makes you think...and in a creative way.

Yes, I know. The book cover is different to the one below, but it's still the same book.

Book cover of One + One = Three by Dave Trott
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What's up, everyone? I am Ahmed Khalifa, and today I'm going to be talking to you about this book called 'One Plus One Equals Three'.It says equals three like right there, tiny.By Dave Trott, and I'm gonna be telling you why this is such a great book and you should get one yourself as well.

So if you haven't heard of Dave Trott, he is an English advertising copywriter. And I've seen him on stage a couple of times actually, and he's a genius. He is a bit of a genius. And he wrote this book about creative thinking.'One Plus One Equals Three' is a Zen-like storytelling book. And he has a number of case studies and a number of short stories with a moral at the end.And it's not a conventional way of writing a book. It's not a traditional way, but it's a very, very good book if you want to have a straight-to-the-point, short-and-sweet and just something that makes you think creatively as well.

It's kind of a fun, engaging book for beginners and professionals in the kind of advertising, marketing, and creative industry as well. But at the same time, it's appropriate for all walks of life. You don't have to be in the industry to enjoy this book.

The thing is with this book is that you don't have to read it from front to back. You can pick a random chapter and read a short story, and it makes you think about like 'wow'. The chapters are quite short actually.We're talking three pages probably a maximum of four pages long, that you can easily get in and get out if you want a quick story, something to make you think as well. Really, really cool.

I should point out that it's nothing groundbreaking. I'm not gonna tell you that this book will allow you to be like an advertising expert. It's not going to tell you how to be in a career or how to be an advertising guru. It's nothing like that. If that's what you're looking for, this is not the right book for you.

This book is completely different to that.

So, I can just show you a story, a couple of them actually – they are very short, and they make you think.Everyone has heard the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". There's always a moral of the story. In this case, the moral of the story is: don't lie, don't exaggerate, don't take advantage of the people around you.And you know, that is the moral of the story, and the book has loads of that, and it's really, really insightful.One of the stories I like was based around a little girl, 10 years old, called Tilly Smith and she was on holiday with her family in Mai Khao Beach and noticed that the tide had gone out very far. And then it got very frothy in the end, and she got scared.We're talking 10 years old.

Because she had seen a video like this in school, where a tsunami happened, she told her dad: "It's going to happen, and we need to get out of here. We need to tell everyone."

Imagine her father thinking: "You know what, I don't know if I want to do this. The little girl here, she doesn't know," and it's embarrassing for him to kind of tell everyone to get off the beach, get onto high ground.

And he reluctantly did it. He told everyone get off the beach. Go to the third floor, or I think higher than that, of a hotel.And within minutes, three massive tsunamis came, and this actually happened on Boxing Day 2004, the big devastating tsunami happened. And because of Tilly's action, and she persisted, and she doesn't care about being embarrassed, she saved lives.

Couple walking on low tide beach
Photo by Timothy Kolczak on Unsplash

And the moral of the story that Dave Trott put in the end is that regret is worse than embarrassment. Nice way of thinking, that.Another very, very good story is about a Brazilian. His name is Manuel Francisco dos Santos, and he was born with a deformed spine. And most people will get their child to go through therapy, get an operation, get it fixed, but he came from a poor background. The parents can't afford it.

So, instead, he lived with it, and he did what every little Brazilian kid will do. He played football or soccer, if any American viewers are watching.So, he played a lot of football, and when he grew older, his shorter leg gave him an unusual running style. And that allowed him to kind of fool people 'cause kids couldn't tell which way he went.

And he became a bit of a hero and became a professional footballer. He was also known as 'Garrincha'. Long story short, he won the World Cup twice. He retired when he was nearly 40 years old.

Brazilian footballer Garrincha on a pitch
Manuel Francisco dos Santos, aka Garrincha - Image via backpagefootball.com

On his final match, over 130,000 people came to watch him, and he was a bit of a hero. And because he didn't try to fix a disadvantage, the moral of the story in this case is: he turned it into an unfair advantage.So you can imagine what the book is like from just two of the stories I've told you, and there are dozens of them in there. And it's such a great read. I highly recommend it.

And if you want to find out where you can get it, if you want your own copy, I put the link right below, and you can get your own copy as well.

Thank you for watching this video. I hope you find it useful. Let me know if you have got the book, or if you're going to buy it.Let me know what you think about it, if you have read it, and I'll get back to you. And of course, don't forget to subscribe to the video below. I would really, really appreciate it if you can do that.

And in the meantime, do your thing because it matters.

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