How to Find Out Where Your Organic Search Competitors Are Beating You [Video]


It’s one thing to know who you are competing against on Google. But it’s another when it comes to understanding where exactly your competitors are beating you in the search results.

By Ahmed khalifa

It's one thing to know who you are competing against on Google.

But it's another when it comes to understanding where exactly your competitors are beating you in the search results.

That's where the real data can help you.Using a paid tool called SEMrush, you will be able to find out what keywords you are ranking for that your competitors are doing better against you.And from there, you will be able to find out what you can do about it in order to rank above your competitor.


One thing that I absolutely love to do for my client is to find out not just who their search competitors are, but also find out how they are beating my client in terms of search performance, whether it's traffic or keyword ranking – anything related to that. I can show you how I do that in minutes in the video coming right up.What's up everyone, I am Ahmed Khalifa. Why don't we just get straight to the video and find out how to find where your competitors are beating you using a tool that I absolutely love called SEMrush.

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Basically, what I'm going to do is, with SEMrush logged in, I'm going to use an example of a brand called They do men's and women's wallets and bags, and work accessories, these kinds of products. I thought it would be good to use them as an example. When you go to the overview, you're gonna get an idea of the search performance of traffic, the keyword, the paid search, backlinks, so many different things. You can find so many things there.

Screenshot of Bellroy's organic performance on SEMrush

That's not what I want to show you though. I want to show you where you can find out about the competitor first of all. You can see here when you scroll down, the main organic competitor. There are approximately 3,000 competitors to Bellroy. Let's dig deeper.

Let's click on 'View Full Report'. Here we're gonna get very interesting information.When you scroll down at the bottom, these are the organic search competitors for Bellroy, competition level, common keywords, the traffic, the page cue, so on and so forth. You can dig deeper and click on these common keywords, and find out where they are ranking better than you.

Screenshot of Bellroy's organic competitors on SEMrush

Before I do that, I thought if we look up here, I wanna look at who is ranking better, who is getting more traffic and stuff.It seems like the company here called, they get approximately the same amount of traffic. Maybe not the closest, but this is the best that we can do for this situation. Why don't we look at

Maybe they are our closest competitor and see how we can stay ahead of them as well.Scroll down and you click on the 177 common keywords.When we get there, this is where it gets very interesting, because you can compare the two domains right there. But, you can compare even more.

For now, let's just compare Bellroy and the We look at the first two pages of Google only.This is where it gets very, very interesting. You can see these are the keywords. This is the position that Bellroy ranked for, Big Skinny search volume keyword difficulty and all the relevant information.

Overview of Bellroy vs SEMrush on SEMrush

But, you wanna find out where Bellroy is not performing so well against Big Skinny. Immediately you can see the top keyword, which is "card wallet". It brings in 5,500 search volume per month. Bellroy is ranking in the second page of Google, eleventh, and Big Skinny on page one.Which is obviously better and you can keep on going. There are situations where Bellroy is better, but there are other situations where Big Skinny is better. You can see here with 14 and 7, then over here 13 and 10.There's a lot of situations where Bellroy is ranking on page two and the competitor had the upper hand, ranking on page one.

Why is that?

This is where you can dig deeper. Look at their pages. You can look at the pages for Big Skinny. Why are they performing better? Not just Big Skinny, but also anybody else who is ranking above both yourself and your competitor.

For example, if I click on "card wallet" I'll get more information about that particular keyword. We can scroll down and look at the organic search results. You might want to look at who is ranking there and also what can you do.Can you do it better than them? What are they doing in terms of the content, the headings, the backlinks, the URL structure, so many different things?

Just to see, especially in your case if it's Bellroy, can you get from page one and then take it from there?This is a really, really good opportunity for you to find out where your competitors are getting the upper hand. And if you work, you can take it from there. Find out what you can do with that in your own industry and see what you can do for your own website, your own content, your own pages.

It's such an awesome way of doing it. I will put the link in the description again about SEMrush, an awesome tool that I recommend that you get as well.

Hope you enjoyed it. Hope you find this video useful. Let me know what you think in the comments below. While you're at it, I would love it if you would absolutely press that subscribe button down below as well.In the meantime, I just love saying it, do your thing because it matters.

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