Top 99 most popular brands who uses WordPress

**Note: Please note that this website does not run on anymore. But since I've been involved with the WordPress community for many years, I didn't want to delete any of the WordPress-related content on this site as I believe that they will still help you with your own WordPress site, hence why they are still available for you to view. Enjoy!**


Have you ever wondered who uses WordPress?I get asked all the time and you'd be surprised to know who does use it.One of the biggest advantages that WordPress has is that it is 'open source'; a term where anyone can modify and enhance the software to suit their own needs without paying anything. It is also a reason for their success.

It has been said that because of this, some people have a hard time taking WordPress seriously as a business and as a platform.

"How can you make money with something that is free and can be used by anyone?""How can something that is free and used by anyone be scalable?""How can something free and used by anyone be safe and secure to use?"Perhaps the best way to demonstrate WordPress' capabilities is by highlighting some of the top brands around the world what do use WordPress.

All 99 of them.Choose from the following categories to see examples of such brands or just scroll down to see them all:


Time Magazine uses WordPress to power their .com site

Time is a New York City based weekly news magazine. It is famous for the annual "Person of the Year" (formerly "Man of the Year") cover story. It also covers current and breaking world news on their WordPress site.

Metro UK

Metro Newspaper based in UK uses WordPress to power their site

Metro is a British newspaper published from Monday to Friday in a tabloid format. The paper is a common sight on public transport in various urban locations across the UK as well as being handed out to pedestrians by distributors. On top of that, their WordPress site is updated frequently with general news, sports, showbiz and lifestyle articles.

BBC America

BBC American uses WordPress to power their site

As the name mentions, BBC (the well-known domestic channel from UK) has its own digital cable and satellite television network in America too and is jointly owned by BBC Worldwide and AMC Networks (who coincidentally also have a WordPress site as you'll see later on). BBC America's WordPress site allows you to catch up on a huge number of popular programmes online.

The New York Times

The New York Times uses WordPress to power several sites

The influential newspaper, which is often abbreviated as NTY, is a daily American newspaper which has existed since 1851. It is one of the most prominent newspapers in the world. Their corporate site is also powered by WordPress and this is where you'll find all the usual information about their corporate responsibility.


CNN uses WordPress to power their Newsroom Blog

American cable and satellite television CNN (which stands for Cable News Network) has a news programme called CNN Newsroom, which is broadcast throughout the week using live and taped news reports as well as analysis from experts. Their site (which tends to be quite slow) also covers these topics and uses multimedia in various areas.

CNN en Espanol

CNN En Espanol uses WordPress to power their site

Similar to the Newsroom above, CNN En Español is CNN's very own 24-hour Spanish language television and radio news channel which broadcasts across the United States and also in Latin America. Their website also covers breaking and current news from Latin America, United States and the rest of the world.

New York Post

New York Post uses WordPress to power their site

Another daily American daily newspaper, the New York Post is primarily distributed across New York City and the surrounding area. Founded in 1801, the tabloid newspaper also has its own site where it is updated frequently with New York based news as well as covering showbiz and lifestyle news.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy Official Site

Foreign Policy is one of the leading news magazines that focuses primarily on global affairs, economic news, current events and of course, foreign policies.


Reuters uses WordPress to power their news site

Founded in 1851 and headquartered in Canary Wharf in London, the news agency is also well known for distributing financial market data to the world. The company also uses WordPress to power their blog where they provide thorough analysis and opinions on the latest global news.



Quartz uses WordPress to power their magazine site

The digital-only business news publication covers mainly the global economy news such as policies, regulations and politics. The site has only been around since September 2012 and is also powered by VIP, the premium service provided for enterprises.

People Magazine

People Magazine WordPress site

People is a popular weekly celebrity and lifestyle (or human-interest) magazine based in American and also published by Time Inc. Their website is also popular and regularly contains similar news as the magazine.


Mashable WordPress site

Started in 2005 by Pete Cashmore in his home in Aberdeen, Scotland, Mashable is a popular digital media website headquartered in New York City. The site is frequently updated with the latest digital, social media and internet news.


Maclean's WordPress site

Maclean's is a weekly Canadian news magazine focusing solely on Canadian politics, pop culture and current affairs. Based in Toronto, the magazine was launched under the name The Business Magazine with the aim to "not merely entertain but also to inspire its readers".

Boing Boing

Boing Boing WordPress site

First established in 1988 as a "zine" (an abbreviation for fanzine or magazine), Boing Boing is now a group blog where it has a number of authors covering an eclectic mix of topics such as technology, sci-fi, futurism and communism

Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid WordPress site

In their own words, Laughing Squid provides "a daily dose of unique art, culture and technology from around the world". As well as being an award-winning blog, they also operate as a web hosting company.


Variety Magazine WordPress site

The weekly entertainment magazine has been published since 1905. Their site regularly updates with the latest breaking entertainment news, box office results, culture news and cover stories.---


Fortune Magazine uses WordPress to power their site

Also published by Time Inc, the business magazine is known for their long in-depth articles. Established in 1955, they are best known for the Fortune 500, a list of the top ranking companies by revenue.


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber uses WordPress to power his site

Can you "belieb" (sorry) that even Justin Bieber uses WordPress? The Canadian singer/songwriter is one of the biggest pop stars in the word. At the time of writing, Bieber boasts over 78.7 million Twitter followers.


Rapper and producer Jay-Z uses WordPress to power his site

Born as Shawn Corey Carter, Jay-Z is one of the most successfullhip hop artists in America, but is also an entrepreneur and an investor.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry uses WordPress to power her site

The American singer/songwriter and actress is another influential pop star who also goes by the name of Katy Hudson (who knew?).

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg uses WordPress to power his site

Born as Calvin Cordozar Broadus, the American rapper Snoop Dogg is another major figure in the hip hop industry and has certainly made a career for himself after being discovered by Dr. Dre.


Queen B Beyonce uses WordPress to power her site

Arguably a huge figure in the industry, Beyonce has moved another level after her Destiny's Child days.I wonder if she and Jay-z update their WordPress sites together!

Lily Allen

Singer Lily Allen uses WordPress to power her site

Lily Allen is an English singer/songwriter famous for a number of catchy tunes. Allen also began to host her own talk-show Lilly Allen and Friends on BBC Three.

Jason Mraz

Musician Jason Mraz uses WordPress to power his site

It is said that the American singer/songwriter first came to prominence in a coffee shop back in 2002. Since then, he has released a number of tracks – his most successful one being I'm Yours.

Alanis Morrisette

Canadian singer Alanis Morissette uses WordPress

The Canadian alternative-rock singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer has several well-known albums. Jagged Little Pill helped to raise her profile.

Kylie Minogue

Pop queen Kylie Minogue uses WordPress

Although originally an actress, Australian singer/songwriter is better known for her pop success with tracks such as Spinning Around and Can't Get You Out of My Head.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones music site uses WordPress

The long-standing English rock band, originally formed in 1962, is popular across the globe and has been for decades.


Spotify uses WordPress to power their News site

The Swedish music streaming site uses WordPress to power their news/blog site to discuss the latest news in the industry as well as sharing their thoughts.


MTV uses WordPress to power their News section of their site

Although they were previously known as Music Television, the American television channel originally intended to play music videos. They now broadcast reality programmes, comedy shows and drama. The company uses WordPress for their blog/news page to discuss similar topics.

Sony Music

The Sony Music site uses WordPress

The American music corporation has a number of high profile music stars in their roster who use WordPress to power their entire site.


Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Official Site

Deservedly labelled as the fastest man in the world, the Jamaican athlete is another user of WordPress to power his site.

Dallas Mavericks

NBA team Dallas Mavericks uses WordPress

The NBA team, which is also known as the Mavs, is one of several basketball brands who use WordPress.

Canadian Olympic Team

Canadian Olympic Team uses WordPress

The Canadian Olympic Team proudly display their Olympic story on their official site by using WordPress.


WNBA (Women's NBA) uses WordPress to power their site

The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) comprised of 12 teams, all of whom are mentioned on their official site.

Chicago Bulls blog

Chicago Bulls uses WordPress to power their blog

Another major basketball brand, the Chicago Bulls are another user of WordPress – it currently powers their blog.


Wil Wheaton

Star Trek star Wil Wheaton uses WordPress to power his personal site

A man of numerous areas of expertise, but mainly known for playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, Wil Wheaton has also featured on the comedy series The Big Bang Theory. He uses WordPress to update his site where he can be himself and discuss various topics.

Derren Brown

Illusionist Derren Brown uses WordPress to power his site

Known for his extraordinary illusions, Derren Brown has appears on his TV programmes as well as performing 'live' in front of audiences.

Bear Grylls

Nature adventurer Bear Grylls uses WordPress to power his site

The British adventurer, writer and television star is well-known for his expeditions to the most extreme locations in extreme conditions. But Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls has no problem updating his WordPress site.

Russell Brand

Comedian and presenter Russell Brand uses WordPress to power his site

Another figure who has various roles, Russell Brand was originally an English comedian before going on to become an MTV presenter. He has also embraced the roles as actor, radio host, author and activist. You can see it all for yourself on his WordPress site.


AMC, famous for their Walking Dead programme, uses WordPress to power their site

The American cable and satellite channel is known for broadcasting a host of popular series including: The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul and CSI Miami.


Mozilla Firefox

The open-source web browserMozilla Firefox uses WordPress to power their blog

The well-known open source web browser is one of the most popular browsers since it launched back in 2002. Their Mozilla Blog is regularly updated with the latest news and industry discussions.


The leading technology publisher TechCrunch uses WordPress to power their site

Another member of WordPress VIP, TechCrunch is one of the leading online publishers of technology news, though it mainly covers news about businesses, from startups to established firms.


Wired uses WordPress to power their site

Wired operates both in a monthly magazine format and online, where they report on technology news and how it affects the everday culture, economy and politics. Their entire site is powered by WordPress.


Computer giant IBM uses WordPress to power their jobs blog

The technology and consulting giant may have the resources to create their own platforms, but they still use WordPress to power their Jobs Blog where they publish articles related to jobs (naturally) and career stories from current IBM staff.

General Electric (GE)

General Electric (otherwise known as GE) uses WordPress to power their corporate site

Another major corporation is General Electric where they provide products ranging from aircraft engines and healthcare, to lighting and wind turbines. GE uses WordPress to run their corporate site where they discuss company news and reports.


Microsoft uses WordPress to power their News site

As the largest software maker by revenue and one of the world's most valuable companies, Microsoft has no problem using WordPress for the News section of their site.


Also from Microsoft, Windows uses WordPress to power their blog

Continuing on the Microsoft theme, their operating system, Windows, which is still found in millions of computers worldwide, is continuously updated. Their WordPress blog is the main place to find the latest news and stories.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine, the leading web developers and web designers uses WordPress to power their site

Smashing Magazine is one of the top resources for web developers and web designers, while it is known to have a vibrant community. The company also hosts their annual conferences. They use their site to include highly resourceful and professionally written resources for their community.


Games console Playstation uses WordPress to power their blog

Developed by Sony, PlayStation (or PS) is a hugely successful series of video game consoles and has been around sine the first PS1 was released in December 1994. Their blog is regularly updated with the latest news as well as showcasing their series of consoles and stores.


The leading technology site, Venture Beat, uses WordPress to power their site

Founded in 2006, VentureBeat is one of the leading sources for technology news and breaks content down into a series of "Beats" such as business, entrepreneur, media, security, small business and social.


Bloomberg uses WordPress to power their corporate Professional site

Bloomberg covers a number areas – they provide financial software tools, data services and financial news via the Bloomberg Terminal which is on the Bloomberg Professional Service, proudly powered by WordPress.

The Next Web

The online tech and web publisher site uses WordPress to power their site

Also known as TNW, The Next Web is another leading source of technology and web development news as well as organising their popular TNW Conferences and providing hand-picked online courses to improve your online skills.


Specialist Apple publisher 9to5Mac uses WordPress to power their site

9to5Mac is one of the top news sources for all things related to Apple and particularly known for providing breaking coverage via their Apple News Community. They have been known to publish first photos of various Apple products before other sources, as well as providing accurate details of new apps and updates.


The cross-platform note-taking application, Evernote, uses WordPress to power their blog

Evernote is a freemium app, generally designed for note taking, organising them and archiving, but has been known as a highly powerful tool for organising your personal and

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