Website is under reconstruction

I'm sure you've noticed that there are lots of little bugs, errors, missing images and other various issues on this site. It also looks a bit off when in the past, my blog posts were mostly related to business and marketing, and then there is a gap, and now I'm writing slightly different.

That is because I am in the middle of rebuilding and relaunching my website by experimenting and doing something different,  which is to add my personal touch to it rather than purely focused only on business, marketing and tech. The old blogs will still remain, though a lot of them are currently in draft or unpublished as they needed reformatting to fit the new site. But sometimes, you just have to get yourself out there and tweak yourself along the way, rather than wait for perfection, which doesn't exist anyway.

And I have also done the unthinkable, which is to move from to Webflow. That's right; I have changed my Content Management System for the first time...ever. I will explain more in a blog post why I have changed CMS and why I have decided to reconstruct my site.

For now, if you want to keep up-to-date, you can register to receive my newsletter (maximum of twice a month) below:


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