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I enjoy digging deep and understanding the principles of becoming a better a person, growing a business and being a marketer whilst living a healthier and productive life between a deaf and hearing world.

*Be aware that this website is under reconstruction with many errors and missing elements because of a site migration project. I am working my way through them.
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Ahmed Khalifa, wearing black glasses and blue shirt, smiling towards the camera

About Ahmed

With a background in digital marketing, online businesses and content creation, my daily routine revolves around using the internet to better myself and those around me.

passionate about business, marketing, creativity, LEARNING and personal development

But rather than focus entirely on my career, I also spend a lot of time learning to better my knowledge and skills that allows me to create a positive impact to the world. I do this by reading and learning from those who knows more than me, then put it into practice. I also like to track my journey so that other people can join in and learn too.


Below are some of the projects that I am working on, both in the professional and personal settings.

work hard,
play harder,
live hardest.


My main personal project is Hear Me Out! [CC]; a website that dedicated on the topic of deaf awareness. With the help of my own deafness experience, which I have been living with my entire life, I create content that are designed to help the hearing world hear deaf people better, which include via my YouTube channel. It's a hugely important project for me, and one that I work on the side, which involves writing blog posts, recording videos (captioned of course) and podcasts (transcribed of course) and public speaking.

But there are a bunch of other interests that I enjoy exploring.

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i bring ideas to you by telling stories, sharing knowledge and documenting experiments.

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