This page is currently under construction but contains a brief blurb about Ahmed Khalifa.

At university, I studied and graduated with BA (Hons) Sports Management and went on to do an MA in International Marketing Management.

Here was the idea – I wanted to combine these two to work in the sports marketing industry.

And offline too.

How times have changed?!‍

Originally, along the way when I worked through various jobs, I gradually leaned toward SEO and anything related to that. From working at a digital marketing agency to being in-house, from working at a small local homeware company to an international fashion brand…I’ve covered a lot of areas.‍And that gave me amazing insights of various industries as well as access to very smart people around me.

During that time, I mix it up by also being involved with the WordPress community, speaking at events to share my knowledge about WordPress SEO, selling my service to other businesses, and even becoming the lead organiser for major WordPress events.

But something nagged at me towards the latter years of my full-time employment. On the side, I have always enjoyed helping other people to manage their sites but still continued to work full-time.

By doing this I was able to further develop my WordPress skills…which allowed me to start my own business. Back in July 2016. I helped entrepreneurs and small businesses with WordPress sites to grow their online visibility, increase their audience engagement and encourage conversions.

I'm proud of what I have done. I have always been profitable, had consistent cashflow and contributed to the growth of various companies. Even with one major SaaS company in the US, I have focused on their growth and conversion strategy, which led to 55% YoY revenue growth while maintaining an EBITDA of 38%. This company was eventually acquired for a $1.2b valuation (yes, billion).

This entrepreneurial journey has lasted for five years until a personal trauma and other personal circumstances have led me to reconsider whether to continue. In the end, I didn't and I went back into full-time employment in 2021 as a Digital Experience Manager.

But I have always had the creativity bug and the desire to learn and experiment, particularly around tech, web experience, accessibility and product.

And this site is where I plan to do that.

This domain used to host close to 100 posts on the topics of SEO, WordPress and marketing. But they have been archived so that I can focus my expertise elsewhere. As a result, it has been stripped down back to basic.

The website is under constant maintenance and changes (what site isn't?!), but the aim is to make it a useful resource for everyone.

And you can get started by going to the articles section.