Privacy Policy

Last updated: 15th February 2023

I believe in being in transparent when working online and about how I operate, so I have created this page to mention important disclaimers and for your peace of mind.

Some of the links that I have mentioned across this site are affiliate links where I will earn a small commission for any purchases made but at no extra cost to you.

Although useful for my for-profit business, my primary goal is to inform, educate, help and also entertain others who are either going through some of deafness, knows someone who is dealing with it or for those who have an interest in learning about tech, accessibility and my general progress in personal development.

Although I intend to update links wherever possible as I go along, it is not always possible to check every single link and not all of them will be an affiliate. So some links you will click on may be affiliate links and for that, I will receive compensation if you end up making a purchase but at no extra cost to you.

Unless otherwise clearly mentioned, I will only be mentioning or promoting certain products or services if I feel that it is of benefit to you. If there is an interview or a mention from a particular brand which includes an affiliate link, use your best judgement on whether you think you should purchase said product/service.

Do not purchase solely because it has been mentioned here and without understanding it can make a difference to your online presence.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, please feel free to contact me.